Housekeeping office hours are 7am to 3 pm Mon. to Fri. Our linen is supplied by Fundy Linen.

Personal bedspreads, towels, flannels, incontinence pads, etc will be washed by Fundy Linen. Pillows, cushions, and wool clothing are to be cared for by family members. Please provide a 5-day supply of washable clothing.

Our personal laundry is open 7 days a week. All clothing will be labeled, by our staff, as soon as possible to ensure it is not lost or misplaced. The label consisting of the resident's name and the Dr. Snow I.D. "#10", will be applied with a heat seal machine. Gifts of clothing must be labeled before being worn.

Small floor mats are not used for safety reasons.

The sponsor should check closets and drawers in Spring and Fall and remove any seasonal clothing or articles not being used. Due to lack of storage space, we ask that families/sponsors take suitcases home.

Due to the larger supply of donated items, please check with Support Services manager if donation would be needed.