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When it comes to describing the care at the Snow Centre, families of the loved ones living there can easily become emotional in describing the treatment which is so cheerfully given. From the moment of entering the building for a visit, one can feel the friendly atmosphere which prevails at all times. Greetings are rampant as one moves through the hallways and rooms. The informality of first name greeting, as visitors and staff become familiar with each other is a trademark of this place. An always present fact is the willingness of all members of the staff to discuss even minute matters concerning the residents. It is particularly noticeable that individual resident characteristics are so well and widely known by all the staff.
There are so many people who do so much that it is impossible to name them all. No need. They are all GREAT. This includes the army of volunteers who give so much of themselves. Teamwork. I salute you all.
I like the informality, the friendliness, humor, and good natured conduct of each of the people working there. If one could summarize the 24 hours a day dedication to the residents in a few words it would be: A PLACE OF LOVE . It rubs off so noticeably on the folk who live there. There are many smiles on the faces of the residents which verifies this is a good place to be when you need real care.

Chester McMackin



"Thanks" seems like such an inadequate word to express how we feel towards you people and all your kindnesses to Gram over the past nine years. We know Gram appreciated all your patience and kindnesses to her when she was able to take part in activities. We realize that sometimes you go beyond the call of duty. You are both a credit to your profession.

The family members were extremely pleased with the care, love, thoughtfulness etc. shown to Mom during her last days. The care given to her children by all staff members was much appreciated - the opportunity to stay all night, meals, just plain concern for us was exceptional. You people rank "6 out of 5 stars."

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful care that you gave my Dad for the last 3 1/2 years and particularly in the week leading up to his death. Words cannot fully express our gratitude to you all for the gentle yet humourous way you cared for him and for his family. You are truly God's Angels on earth.


Thank you all for making Mom's life more comfortable, cheeful and meaningful. Everyone here truly appears to care for our seniors. You are patient when they ask the same questions every day and kind when they are down. Our family appreciates all that you are doing!