The objectives of the Foundation are:

1) To support the organization in serving the health, hygiene, accommodation and welfare and social well being of the citizens in the Province of New Brunswick.

2) To support the Dr. V. A. Snow Centre Inc. in its services of health care to its residents.

3) To support the maintenance and upkeep of the Centre.

4) To promote public awareness of the services offered by the Centre through education of the public.

5) To conduct and assist the Centre in co-ordinating the sponsors, supporters and other interested bodies on such matters as the following:

  • Studies and research in relation to health care, nutrition and physiotherapy.
  • The acquisition of resources, grants and services to assist the Centre and
  • strategies for making the Centre more accessible and user friendly to its clientele.

6) To help with the professional development and continuing educations of the staff of the Centre.

7) To contribute comments and views in relation to programs and operations of the Centre.

8) To undertake fund raising projects in support of the objectives of the Centre.


The Dr. V.A. Snow Foundation, Inc.
54 Demille Court
Hampton, NB
E5N 5S7

Telephone: (506) 832-6210